We are Game Workers Unite UK

The Game Workers Unite UK branch of the IWGB is a worker-led, democratic trade union that represents and advocates for UK game workers' rights.

We seek to increase the quality of life for all game workers by campaigning to:

  • End the institutionalised practice of excessive/unpaid overtime
  • Improve Diversity and Inclusion at all levels
  • Inform workers of their rights and support those who are abused, harassed, or need representation
  • Secure a steady and fair wage for all

We are also an affiliate national chapter of the global Game Workers Unite movement, which is dedicated to advocating for all game workers' rights.

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Why do we need a Union?

74% of game workers are not paid overtime, but 90% can be expected to work extra hours. [1]

53% of game workers believe that their skillset could secure better wages and conditions in another industry. [1]

45% of women feel they have or will at some stage encounter barriers to their career progression because of their gender. [2]

45% of women have experienced some form of bullying or harassment whilst working in games or by being associated with the industry. [2]

Two thirds of games companies (worldwide) do not have mechanisms in place to deal with harassment or abuse. [1]

[1] 2017 GamesIndustry.biz Survey.
[2] 2015 Gender Balance Workforce Survey.